Fine jewellery designer Violette Anna has now started up her brand.
Violette Anna creates fine, subtle assemblies of diamonds, stones and gold. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.
Her pieces reflect her fascination and challenge to make a collection for the women that are usually not that interested in wearing jewellery.
The subtillity of the jewellery makes it accessible to every kind of woman.

Violette Anna is inspired by the beauty and the imperfection as well the perfection of the gemstones and diamonds.
She is always striving to make jewellery that is timeless and can be worn at every occasion but which exudes modern luxury.

Besides her ‘basic’ collections Camille and Celine she also creates one of a kind pieces.¬†For the one of a kind collection ‘Philomena’ Violette Anna is inspired by the forms that exist without manipulate them. She uses the forms that exist while melting the gold. After that she makes them more precious by adding diamonds and gemstones surrounded by a subtile texture. Every ring, bracelet or necklace is different. Every piece is one of a kind. The collection is made to order. Or will be adjust to your size. For appointments and requests please send an email to: info@violetteanna.com

All the creations are handcrafted and made in the Netherlands.